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Skate Park Grant Program

Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program

The 2020 bonding bill brought a new statutory charge to the Amateur Sports Commission to develop and administer a grant program dedicated to the construction and renovation of skate parks.  The first installment of this program will have the opportunity to award a total of $250,000 to local government units for the purpose of skate park design. 

Guidelines, requirements, and application information is below.

Grant Information

The 2021 Skate Park Grant Program was funded to help Minnesota communities build, improve, and update skate parks.  Grant recipients must have at least one local partner who is a political subdivision of the state and all grant applications require a minimum one-to-one dollar match from non-state sources.  The local government unit (LGU) will be the fiscal agent for the grant funds and will execute the application form and resolution.  Other entities can be the owner and/or operator of the skate park, thus the beneficiary of the grant award.  

Grants are for reimbursement of costs for completed projects.  The maximum grant award for 2021 is $125,000. 

To view complete information and guidelines, click the button below.


  • Resolution of Local Government Unit (LGU)– The LGU is required to execute a resolution which authorizes filing of the application and final agreements with the MASC if their project is selected.  To view a sample resolution, click the “Sample Resolution” button below.
  • Local Financial Commitment– The LGU is required to provide either documentation of funds secured or demonstrate how it intends to fundraise for the local financial commitment.  All awards must be matched by non-state funds equal to or greater than the award amount.
  • Description of Project– Indicate if the skate park will be a bowl, street plaza, flow, or combination of these elements.  Will elements be permanent or movable fixtures? 
  • Project Budget– Submit a complete budget for the project.
  • Operating Budget– The LGU receiving the grant must maintain the skate park.  What is the annual budget the LGU has dedicated to the maintenance of the skate park?
  • Response to Evaluation Criteria– Provide material responsive to the evaluation criteria (click the “Evaluation Criteria” button below to view). 


A complete application will include three physical copies and one emailed copy of:

1. Application form
2. Resolution of LGU and all other required documents (see “Requirements” above)
3. Responses to content sections of the evaluation criteria

Deadline: Thursday, July 1, 2021 (extended)

If looking for feedback, application must be received at least 10 days prior to the deadline.

Please submit the electronic copy to [email protected] and the hard copy application and materials to:

Attn: MASC- Skate Park
1750 105th Ave. NE
Blaine, MN 55449

Questions?  Contact us. 

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