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Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant

Hennepin Youth Sports Grant

Thank you for your interest in the Hennepin Youth Sports Program. The program makes awards to local government units to improve youth athletic/recreation facilities and purchase capital equipment. The grants are funded by the 0.15% sales tax surcharge in Hennepin County that enabled the construction of Target Field.

Since 2009, the program has awarded over $23 million to communities throughout Hennepin County. These projects have spurred over $90 million in matching funds. 

HYSP has separate applications for facilities grants (awards from $10,000 to $300,000), capital equipment grants (up to $10,000), and playground structure grants (up to $25,000).

  • Facilities grants are awarded once per year in December.
  • Equipment grants are awarded twice per year, once in December and once in March.
  • Playground structure grants are awarded once per year in March.

The Hennepin Youth Sports Program awards allow municipalities, park districts and school districts to create, expand or improve athletic or recreational facilities and to purchase new equipment. Individual equipment such as balls, bats, gloves, uniforms or protective gear are not eligible for equipment grants.

The grants are administered by contract through the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission (MASC), which evaluates the applications and provides recommendations to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners.

Media coverage: Hennepin County has awarded $23 million in youth sports grants in last decade. By Star Tribune, March 15, 2019

Current Grant Round: 2019 Spring Equipment and Playground Applications

Click here to view the HYSP Program Overview PDF

The Spring Equipment and Playground Grant Application period is closed for 2019. 

Spring 2019 grant applications are currently being reviewed. Final approval for spring grants has been laid over by the Commissioners committee meetings and will now take place May 21. Grant award recipients will be notified within two weeks of approval. Applicants will be notified if any additional information is needed.

Contact information: 

  • Program Administrator: Spencer Arvold
  • Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission – 1700 105th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55449 
  • Email
  • Phone: 763.717.3234

All Awards Are For Reimbursement

All awards are reimbursement to be paid after completion of the facility or purchase of the equipment. Award recipients will submit reimbursement payment paperwork according to processing guidelines provided after the awards are announced. Hennepin County will reimburse the local government unit once this paperwork is processed.

In-Kind Donations

If a facility grant application includes in-kind donations of materials or labor, please list the full retail value of the in-kind donation in both the project budget and the local matching funds sections. In the local matching funds section, note which funds are in-kind donations.

A local government unit (LGU) – a city, public school district, or park district – may submit an application for a facility that is located on private land on the behalf of a private entity, such as a charter school, private school or other non-profit organization that will operate the facility. The County Board resolution establishing the Hennepin Youth Sports Program grants does not require a project to be owned by a LGU or to be on public property. The resolution does however require that the applicant be a LGU.

Therefore, in cases where a local government unit is awarded a grant for a facility located on private land, the private land owner must agree to a covenant with the LGU that ensures long-term public access to the facility. It is suggested that the private land owner come to a verbal agreement about this covenant before the application is submitted. Details about the covenant can be found here.

Previous Grant Round: 2019 Facility and Fall 2018 Equipment Awards

The 2019 Facility and Fall Equipment awards were authorized by the Hennepin County Board on December 11, 2018. The resolution and list of awards are below.

View the Board Resolution document here.

Previous grant applications and awards are listed here:


General inquiries:

Program Administrator: Spencer Arvold, 763.717.3234,

Fiscal Coordinator: Lynda Lynch, 763.785.5631,